Let's develop together

As a Software Developer in our team, you will be responsible for writing and implementing high quality, efficient codes as well as connecting unit and integration tests. As a part of our team, your tasks will include not only developing new features for existing systems, but also designing and developing brand new applications.

Coding in multiple languages

Let's talk if you are a ...

What's essential:

  • Capability of communicating complex procedures to other colleagues and clients both in Hungarian and in English
  • Ambitiousness to learn new technologies
  • Desire to join a team that works hard and passionately, supports one another and always knows how to have fun

Getting know each other

The path towards joining us - just 3 easy steps and approximately the same amount of days A 30-40 minutes long conversation with our recruiter via phone.





We operate on a project basis. The length of our projects vary, generally they have a duration of 3-6 months or more than a year.

The project length depends on your preferences We adapt agile methodology to our projects without exception. Sometimes it is Scrum, other times it is Kanban, sometimes it is Scrumban Synchronous and Asynchronous teams

Meetings are planned according to the agile methodology:

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What it's like

We are permanently working on the development of our company culture, but what we already have and offer you…:

Remote work

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Meet the team - In the last year

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